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A New Chapter Begins Here.

Virtual and in-person accessibility!

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Your Therapy

Therapy where you are the expert.

Therapy can provide a safe, non-judgmental space for people to work through difficulties and work toward being the author of their own lives. Choosing therapy is a brave step to which you have already begun to take.


 Meghan Castillo Family Therapy, PLLC aims to work side by side with individuals, couples and families in reaching personal goals and building relationships with those important to them, a "co-author" to your experience. There is opportunity to dive into your story, past, present, and future to reach better understanding of yourself and others, problem-solve, freely express yourself and move toward living a life that is authentic and happy.

MC Family Therapy aims to be inclusive, accepting and affirming of all cultural backgrounds. It appreciates the uniqueness of all individuals and the parts of their story that have influenced who they are and who they want to be.

Our Services

Running Up



MCFT appreciates two concepts: "There is power in numbers," and "It only takes one person to create change."


Clients will have the opportunity to individually work through personal issues, standstills, life transitions, and forming stronger relationships with others.

Together, we will use your strengths, skills, and life experiences that make you resilient and help you achieve the life you want to live.

Rock Balancing

Dialectical Behavioral

Therapy (DBT) 

MCFT provides a comprehensive DBT program for teens, young adults and caregivers. This includes providing individual and family therapy coupled with DBT skills classes.

Skills classes provide peer support and lessons aimed at better emotional coping, self-discovery, conflict resolution, problem-solving and building relationships. 

DBT can be helpful for all severity of issues clients may be experiencing. We are no stranger to difficulties involving self-harm and suicide. We also have extensive training in working with individuals and families affected by BPD. 

RODBT skills class unavailable at this time. RO skills provided in an Individual context only.


Couples and Family


There is power in numbers!

Therapy can be a place where all voices are valued and heard. Couples and Family Therapy allows for multiple people to share thoughts and feelings, gain perspective, understand one another, and work toward common goals.


Each individual has something to bring to the table, something to contribute to a powerful story.  

Ask about our sliding scale services!


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